Family Constellation Retreat

Arrivals at The New Forest Sanctuary began from around 4 o’clock on Friday evening and after everyone had settled in, we served a delicious vegetarian meal and then the Family Constellation work began in the Studio.

Everyone sat on comfortable cushions around the fire, the curtains were closed, and we were cocooned in a safe, warm and relaxed environment. 

Systemic Constellation work is really hard to explain if you haven’t experienced one, anything can be constellated to gain insight, although family issues are generally the most common.

The person who has brought an issue to be resolved sits on the edge of the group after explaining his or her troubling situation to the facilitator who sits next to them and communicates with them throughout the proceedings. The rest of the group attending are then asked by the facilitator to step into a role intuitively one by one, as many as are needed and most times without being aware of who they are representing, although the facilitator does know. What plays out is quite incredible, people actually ‘become’ who they represent, and how they feel, interact and behave towards the rest of the representatives truly reveals the dynamics of the issue and ultimately leads to understanding, compassion and healing.

Several hours later, some profoundly deep family issues and emotions were illuminated and released. We were beautifully held in a safe space by facilitators Ryan and Leeane. By 10 30, bedtime was welcomed by all of us.

The next morning after a healthy fruit breakfast, hats, backpacks and walking shoes on, we began a forest walk. 

Exploring the indigenous forest is always a magical experience, and we spent hours in the forest, going into dreamtime as we connected with ancient trees and walked the game paths, mostly in silence listening to the birds and the breeze blowing through the leaves, hours later we returned home

we were all absolutely ravenous when we got back and enjoyed a nourishing pasta dish with salad. 

After dinner there was a profoundly beautiful sacred pipe ceremony, Leeane was one of the first people in the country to be granted a sacred pipe in the Red path lineage, a true honour. Ryan was honoured with his pipe A while ago and we were taught the correct and respectful way to hold and work with the pipes. Many beautiful heartfelt words of gratitude and prayers were spoken, lit by the fire and candlelight before we retired to bed and  slipped into dreamland.

The next day we had a substantial breakfast and then went into another constellation exploring our attitude to life and to death; if you’re not choosing ‘life,’ you’re choosing death, a deep concept which gave us all plenty to think about. 

A quick break and then we had an amazing movement and dancing workshop, expressing and releasing any emotions or tensions stored in our body, through movement and dance with a well chosen playlist. Such an incredible way to end off a truly wonderful illuminating weekend. So much healing had occurred and we all experienced a lightness of being and peaceful hearts

So much gratitude to all the participants but most of all to Ryan and Leeane for gracing The New Forest Sanctuary with their presence.